Operational Excellence

Essensys is committed to creating a culture of operational excellence in your company. Our experts coach and support organisations on their road to outstanding operational achievements. Relying on a pragmatic and results-driven approach, we focus on the key points of improvement within your business.

The starting point is a full-blown and detailed analysis of your company’s improvement potential and priorities. To maximise the chances of success, all employees at every level are engaged in the process. After all, a sustainable strategy of operational excellence can only succeed when the entire company is involved and committed.

How does Essensys improve your operational excellence?

Our experts support you in the improvement of operational and/or financial performances in production, supply chain management, logistics and warehousing.

However, a culture of operational excellence must be introduced throughout the whole company. This means creating a stimulating environment in which your teams can prosper and where value is created for customers, shareholders and employees.

practical and organisational

  • improvement of quality
  • reduction of waste and breakdowns
  • shortening of throughput times
  • improvement of planning
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing stocks
  • improving delivery reliability


  • creating a positive and challenging environment
  • improving processes and systems
  • realising the harmonization and thorough communication of objectives
  • achieving results and creating value

The Essensys approach to operational excellence

Our team…

... are true experts with a pragmatic focus

Every Essensys professional holds of vast practical experience in the implementation and maintenance of changes. We do not deliver textbook knowledge, but develop solutions that are rooted in the daily practices of business operations, delivering feasible and efficient improvements and changes in behaviour.

... delivers tailored solutions to every client

Your company is unique and so is our approach. Our experts regard flexibility as an essential condition for a productive collaboration. Tried and tested methods such as Lean, Six Sigma and TPM are at your disposal. But of course, we are always responsive to your specific needs and challenges. Run times and the use of consultants depend on the specifications of the project and the requirements of the client.

… aims at long-term partnerships

We are always focused on success in the long run. That is why we uphold the highest quality standards at every step of the way. The implementation of a sustainable operational excellence culture is not just a matter of quick return, but of durable long-term growth as well. Every phase of operational excellence implementation requires its own approach. We adjust our methods accordingly, offering everything from coaching and training to audits, project work and certification.


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