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Executive Search

Apart from Executive Interim Management services, Essensys also secures permanent positions at the request of our esteemed clients.

Attracting the right candidates for your top-level positions is of the utmost importance for the further growth and the continuity of your company. Our partners and senior advisors have substantial experience in working at the highest level of national and international companies. This way, we are able to understand your expectations to the fullest.

Our approach is based on several core values that define our philosophy in executive search. These principles ensure a flexible service that meets your needs.

Understanding through insight

Our understanding of the specific demands set for leaders within large scale businesses, assures you of executive management solutions that fully address your staffing requirements.

High quality service with integrity

Our team always aims for durable and sustainable partnerships between manager and company. This requires an extensive search for the right profile and a meticulous screening in order to establish the permanent filling of senior positions.

Swift solutions without compromising excellence

When searching for the right leadership profile, time is of the utmost essence. Our team is fully aware of that. Hence, we work continuously to find the solution that fits you best. However, the pressure of time can never compromise the achievement of an excellent outcome. We always strive for the perfect balance between speed, reliability and durability, without endangering any one of these essential values.

Our extensive portfolio and business network

Essensys is an experienced business partner for companies looking to complete their team with highly specialised and complementary profiles. We select, assess and recruit the best candidate for the job, bringing added value to your company.

Our extensive portfolio and business network puts us in the ideal position to fill a variety of executive positions such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • and other similar positions

For your comfort: “Try and Hire” in combination with Executive Interim Management

The filling of important executive positions is a delicate matter. Nevertheless, recent studies on international basis learns us that the entire process only takes several hours of real interviews and negotiations. It is only at the moment your new asset has started his or her job that you can determine whether the candidate is it good match for you and your company - or not.

This approach not only contains certain risks for both parties, but can be time consuming as well. Several months may pass between the first advertisement for the position and the moment the candidate effectively starts.

Free of risk, full of opportunity

At Essensys, we develop solutions that maximize your comfort and increase the effectivity of the hiring process. Our aim is to swiftly put the right candidate in place, within only three weeks after the start of the assignment. At that point, the senior manager starts with an interim period, where Essensys is the contracting party.

Our team continuously evaluates the manager's performance. During this interim period, both parties can assess the success rate of their collaboration. All agreements on employment terms and conditions are made at the beginning, so that you can test and verify the compatibility between your new senior manager and your company without any risk involved.


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