Who is that manager?

On the basis of the clear terms of reference, Essensys selects a number of senior interim managers who meet the expectations formulated. Substantive knowledge plays a crucial role, but there is also a check of whether these managers fit into the ‘culture’ of your company. In other words, we screen on the basis of your considerations, not just on the basis of macro-parameters. Essensys must be 100% certain that the candidates we propose meet your expectations and enter the discussions strongly motivated.
After the selected managers have signed an agreement with Essensys with confirmation of their interest in – and availability for the assignment – and have contractually committed themselves to observing strict confidentiality (even if (s)he ultimately does not get the assignment), an assignment interview follows. If there is in fact a good ‘fit’ to the assignment and the client, the next round begins. Essensys proposes two or a maximum of three candidates to the client, with an extensive CV and a clear executive summary explaining explicitly, briefly and concisely why Essensys has selected the manager in question.

Getting to work!

As the client, you decide whom to invite for an interview – one candidate, or the two or three candidates proposed by Essensys. And you make the final choice. The Essensys counsellor is present at the interview, but limits his input to an introduction and helps when needed in making the final choice.
Is Essensys’ work completed after the final choice? No, not at all. In fact the challenge is just beginning. Essensys verifies that the manager, who starts work immediately, without a transitional period, gets off to a perfect start. ‘Give me a hundred days’ is not our style. The senior interim manager is productive from the first day of the assignment. That’s what you, as the client, are entitled to.
When needed, Essensys provides support in drafting the Plan of Action, consults regularly with the interim manager and with you, as the client, during the assignment and, in this way, ensures smooth progress according to the contractual agreement and the Plan of Action. We keep an eye on everything and ensure that the assignment proceeds as agreed.

A satisfied client?

After every assignment, both the client and the senior interim manager are asked by various parties to give their evaluation of: Essensys and the Partner or Senior Adviser who has supported the assignment, the way of working, the follow-up, the result and the added value. ‘Committed to your future success’ is not an empty slogan. Essensys genuinely wants to play an active role in the success of its clients. The fact that most of our clients also ‘recurrently’ call on our services proves that we do what we promise.


All the activities of Essensys, from the selection of the senior interim managers, the relationship with clients, and implementation thru’ to follow-up of the assignments are described in the ‘Essensys Way of Working’.
The processes and procedures contained in the Essensys quality manual are subject to audits by external parties: LRQA (Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance, which also acts for the professional organisation Federgon) and Qfor – Management Information. It’s not surprising that Essensys has had the highest quality ranking of 4 stars under the strict requirements of Federgon for many years now.
In short, our complete modus operandi, as described in our quality manual and directly expressed in our commercial and business approach, is audited by an external quality control organisation for its effective application in reality. For you, as the client, this is an absolute guarantee of our transparent and effective way of working.



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