‘Committed to your future success’ has recently become the new tagline of Essensys. Clever, you’ll say. But this tagline is more than just a catchy slogan. Underlying it is a unique approach, a modus operandi that differs fundamentally from what others (promise to) do. We would like to give you a look at our way of working. We challenge you to compare the ‘Essensys’ Way of Working’ with your expectations. We won’t be surprised if we have a perfect match.

Interim management is not a dating site

Interim management at the senior level is not just a matter of supply and demand. Or at least not in a way that can be apparent from a simple presentation of the state of affairs. Anyone can match parameters. But the context of each interim assignment, the human side of the issues and the hidden threats and opportunities can’t be squeezed into parameters. And that’s not even considering the speed, the way of screening interim managers and the support after a choice is made.

A dynamic portfolio

Did you think that Essensys starts to look for interim managers after an assignment has come in? No, absolutely not. Our partners, advisers and recruiters have an extensive network and track all the developments of their existing and potential clients at the macro- and micro-economic level on a daily basis. They know what concerns companies and what the challenges are, sector by sector. In that context, Essensys is constantly expanding its high-quality portfolio of interim managers. Not using superficial, general parameters, but on the basis of a genuine, strict selection procedure. That begins with the curriculum vitae. If the training and career path of the candidate interim manager fulfil expectations, an initial telephone interview, a personality test and a personal interview with a Senior Recruiter follow. And only if the profile actually ‘clicks’ with Essensys’ standards is the manager included in the Essensys portfolio. Together with the shortlisted managers we keep their information up to date, which allows us to find the right candidates for an assignment very quickly. In other words, Essensys has the most qualified senior managers in their portfolio even before we receive your request.

Proven knowhow

All Partners and Senior Advisers of Essensys have led companies and/or large business units in the past or occupied senior management positions. The various business disciplines are represented in our team: general management, finance, supply chain, human resources, sales & marketing, etc. It’s precisely that experience that enables us to make a proper analysis of a specific situation for which executive interim management can offer a solution together with our clients during an intake discussion. Our clients get the advantage of our years of successful collaboration with clients and senior interim managers.

What about the internet?

Does that mean that Essensys swears by age-old, traditional recruitment techniques and has never heard of the internet, let alone social media like LinkedIn? Of course not. LinkedIn and other social media are part of the scope of research of the Essensys Recruiters. But you should know that only 8% of HR Managers credit what is on LinkedIn. And that 29% of those HR Managers feel that information on LinkedIn is, at the least, ‘less honest’ than a paper CV. That appears from a study commissioned by Norrie Johnston Recruitment conducted among HR Managers from a hundred large British companies. And 47% believe nothing in the recommendations on LinkedIn. Finally, approximately 1% believe in the chances of successful recruitment via LinkedIn.
We don’t say this to discredit LinkedIn; on the contrary. We’re only saying: use LinkedIn as it was intended, as a (possible) first acquaintance. No less, but also no more. Because again according to that research, LinkedIn is not an ideal promotional channel for senior managers. Promotion of people on social networks guarantees too little anonymity. And many executives do not make regular use of LinkedIn, which makes it more difficult to reach this group of candidates. The free access thus turns out to be a false advantage, and 41% of executives still prefer a recruitment agency with stringent selection procedures.
Consulting the huge volume of candidates is, in addition, time-consuming. “LinkedIn may offer many benefits but it simply cannot guarantee that the company succeeds in attracting the appropriate candidate,” says Norrie Johnston Recruitment. “Despite the great popularity of the social media, a key role is still reserved for recruitment agencies. LinkedIn is undoubtedly an exciting resource, and the recruitment agencies cannot ignore the changing environment of recruitment, but the social network is not an alternative to the existing channels.”

Who are you looking for?

At Essensys an intake discussion with the client is fundamental. Even for clients for whom we have already sought interim managers for 20 years or more. Even if a position that we filled five years ago is involved. Because every (new) assignment is different. Market conditions have changed, the structure and decision-making processes in the company have been changed; new times demand new skills, etc. Essensys leaves nothing to chance. And that intake discussion is not a sales pitch.
On the contrary; we come to listen and to ask questions. To listen to what you have to say, what the expectations and any sensitive issues are. We want to get a feeling for what you are looking for, what you want and also what you don’t want. And we come to ask questions. Very soon after that discussion, our Partner or Senior Adviser sends you his or her personal summary, with the context, challenges and expectations.
You modify it where needed, and the final terms of reference form the basis of the search for the most suitable senior interim manager. That description also forms an integral part of the agreement between you and Essensys and that between Essensys and the interim manager. In this way we completely preclude misunderstandings. We make watertight legal agreements with the interim manager who is finally chosen, and contractually impose a code of professional conduct. Good working arrangements make for good friends.



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