Getronics was looking for a HR expert to make the integration of its new Human Resources manager run quicker. Jean-Claude Vandenbosch, Getronics Executive VP & General Manager BeLux, reports on the coaching that took place.
What was the reason for coaching?
Jean-Claude Vandenbosch: Our Human Resources manager left in March 2007. We preferred an internal promotion above an external recruitment for his replacement. This would allow us to show that there are career possibilities at Getronics and we spared the business an integration process. Fabienne Doyen, who had already been HR Business Partner for 10 years, had the necessary capabilities for this position. We were both conscious of the heavy responsibility that would suddenly be placed on her shoulders. Getronics succeeds or fails with the intellectual performances of its employees, who have high expectations of Human Resources as there are 14,000 vacant jobs in the sector. To supplement my own coaching about the responsibility of the position, we both thought that it was advisable to call in an external, neutral coach who had many years experience in the position and a vision of what happens in other companies, and with whom Fabienne could discuss the HR issues in a different way and amongst themselves. Essensys quickly found the right profile with a personality that clicked with that of our new Human Resources manager.
What exactly did the coaching consist of?
Jean-Claude Vandenbosch: The decision was taken that starting from April, the coach would visit us either one whole day or half a day each week. A progress and activity report would also be regularly provided. The coach adapted himself to the situation and he was very flexible in accommodating Fabienne Doyen’s schedule and the diverse topics that she wished to discuss. He mainly provided ‘mentoring’ and gave her tips for urgent judicial and administrative cases with which she was less familiar. Instead of letting her sort out everything herself, he introduced lines of thought and engaged our 12 HR employees so that she was supplied with concrete information and perspectives and could settle in much quicker. During their many meetings, the coach encouraged her to be aware of and to discuss the approach. At the same time, he also supported her with topics that were related to increasing her self confidence, such as how to cope with work pressure.
What advantages did the coaching have?
Jean-Claude Vandenbosch: Someone who aspires to high achievements needs to feel good about their role. This external coaching reassured Fabienne Doyen about her capabilities for being able to cope with this important position. It was that little bit of extra support that was needed to help the dizziness fade away that comes over you when the pride of being promoted gives way to the reality of the situation. The coach also advised her about the importance of certain aspects of her job, such as making the activities of her division public to employees.
Company profile
  • With 25,000 employees and a turnover of around 2.6 billion dollars, Getronics ( is one of the most important global suppliers of ICT solutions and services (Information & Communication Technology).
  • In Belgium and Luxemburg, the KPN ICT Services subsidiary employs around 900 people, in Brussels, Zellik, Edegem and Howald.
  • Getronics BeLux positions and distinguishes itself in the market with Workspace Management serving as the absolute core of its strategy. It provides its technological partners with a solid basis, which is important in determining its local strategy and selling prop

Source: Sense magazine, June 2008