Too expensive? How Executive Interim Management saves your company money – with essential added value on the side

Cost vs opportunity

Hiring an external executive interim manager guarantees unique strategic input for your company. Not only does an experienced yet fresh approach bring a new dynamic that allows you to achieve exceptional results. An external interim manager broadens your strategic horizon as well. Providing you with out-of-the-box thinking and alternative measures no internal counterpart can peer with.

And of course, expertise and experience come with a price tag. Our executive interim managers all hold great experience in their trade, living up to the highest business standards and each bringing a unique set of skills to the job. How do you determine what this opportunity is worth for your company?

Well, first of all, by getting all the facts straight.

Comparing the right variables

It happens. When opting for an executive interim manager, the price might seem too high. And clients start comparing monthly salaries with daily rates, leaving out the bigger picture of salary packages, secondary benefits, leave days and bonusses.

At Essensys, we do the math every day. The results? Even when we disregard the added value an external interim manager brings to the table in expertise and strategic insight, the choice for an interim manager is one that goes easy on your company budget. And in many cases is more cost-efficient than hiring fulltime staff for the job.

- So you’re saying an executive interim manager costs my company less than hiring a senior manager on the payroll?

Exactly. Hear us out on this one.

Doing the math

Let’s compare our executive interim manager’s invoice with the pay check of your top employees.

With our interim manager, it’s plain and simple. The daily rate, times the days worked, equals the definitive amount on the invoice.

Now let’s take a look at your internal top employees – who, at first sight, might seem more cost-efficient. Of course, there is the basic salary. However, the cost of this salary lies far higher for the company. There are taxes, both for employee and company, social security contributions. Not to forget the additional 13th – and sometimes 14th- month pay.

And then we haven’t talked about secondary benefits yet. A company car, fuel card, health insurance for the family, housing allowance, phone and internet, in-company trainings, pension benefits … To top it off, there’s bonusses, stock options, the agreed severance pay and the like.

And don’t forget: your top employees are also entitled to some quality time with the family. Leave days, weekends, public holidays … It’s time that’s paid for – but that isn’t adding value to the company.

A clearer view

So yes, the original pricing of your experienced executive interim manager may woo you at first. As we said, experience and expertise come with a price tag. But when we take everything into account, you’ll notice that our managers are more cost-friendly for your company than your inhouse employees.

Surprising, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you get when you see things from a different perspective. And that is exactly what our executive interim managers are trained to do.

Discover the numbers and the results for yourself: contact Essensys for premium Executive Interim Management solutions today!