The power of the outsider: how hiring an external executive interim manager will help your business flourish

Bringing on a new senior member into your team may seem like a daunting task. Add to that the knowledge that they will only be with you for a limited time and you may start to wonder if it’s really worth your while. And yet, the very fact of hiring someone external to your company for a fixed term offers a number of unique, key benefits…

A pair of fresh eyes

Let’s start with the obvious: bringing in someone external means adding a fresh perspective to the mix. Not only will an executive interim manager bring in a wealth of experience acquired in a range of business contexts, they will also be able to offer the perspective that is easily lost along the way when working in a business long-term: they will help you see the bigger picture.

Not pulling punches

Similarly, the fact that executive interim managers are external to your firm and only with the business for a limited time means that they are not bogged down in company politics. Their only focus is what is best for the business: they do not need to worry about jeopardizing a promotion down the line, nor is there any risk of them being tempted to put personal interests above those of the company. This affords a healthy dose of hard truth that can sometimes be harder to maintain internally.

Consulting on steroids

The benefits of hiring a consultant are widely acknowledged – they inject targeted expertise into your company and provide you with a roadmap, off the back of a proven track record. Now imagine enjoying all the benefits of that expertise, except this time the consultant actually implements the roadmap for you: this is essentially what you will get from hiring an executive interim manager.

Broadening your network

When you bring in an executive interim manager, you also get to benefit from their network just as much as you would hiring someone on a permanent contract – just without the associated costs and risks. This is a fantastic way to rapidly expand your company’s network in the key areas for which you have chosen a specific executive interim manager.

A credibility boost

Finally, it’s important to remember that as executive interim managers are external to your company, they are perceived as impartial. This lends more credibility to their actions and statements, which in turn will boost the credibility of your business in its dealings with external parties.