Never dropping the ball: how Essensys helps companies in crucial moments

There are times when a business simply cannot afford interruption or delay: it could be when a crisis unexpectedly hits, or in the middle of an important project, etc. In those moments, the business needs all hands on deck, and missing a key figure or having one suddenly depart can be critical. With its 25 years of experience, Essensys is a precious ally to avert disaster in such situations.

Time is everything

A crucial strength of the service Essensys provides is its focus on speed, always maintaining the highest quality standards. Clients often wonder how fast we are able to select and introduce an interim manager, especially when time is of the essence. Thanks to the extent of our expertise, in these situations we are able to strive to have the right person for the job on board within a two-week timeframe.

Understanding your needs

The first thing that your personal contact at Essensys will do is analyse the situation together with you. In order to find the ideal executive interim manager to fit your needs as swiftly as possible, they will consider different factors involved.

Firstly, the right fit will depend on the goal of the assignment: what situation is your company facing, and which skills are missing in order to weather the storm? Essensys will tailor the pool of potential candidates to focus on what will truly make a difference for your business, but also to select interim managers who will blend in with the company culture in order to ensure maximum impact.

Another important factor to take into account will be the duration of the assignment: it is important that your contact at Essensys gets a clear understanding of the timeframe required, to ensure they select interim managers with the right availability and commitment.

Giving you the final say

Based on the different relevant parameters of your business’s needs, your Essensys contact will shortlist several interim managers from their extensive and diverse portfolio. They will then pitch the project to these candidates and introduce them to you. The final decision is entirely yours, though Essensys will continue to support you throughout the decision process and beyond, to ensure the success of the hire.

Thus, within a minimal timeframe, Essensys will enable your business to bring a carefully selected executive interim manager on board. This fast turnaround and skilled recruitment process will ensure minimal disruption to your business at critical times.