He’s coming! 5 ways to prepare when hiring an Executive Interim Manager

Your interim manager is equipped to tackle a wide range of challenges within your business. Some companies might need external expertise to deal with certain market evolutions. Others face challenges that require a specific skill set.

Ready to welcome your interim manager? Essensys ensures you of the best possible match between your company’s needs and the skills of your interim manager. However, it’s not something we can do on our own. Your input is crucial throughout the entire process.

Here’s how you can maximize your chances for success when working with an interim manager.

1. Determine your exact needs

What are the objectives your interim manager needs to address? How will you measure the success of his or her interventions? It’s crucial that you determine your exact needs and expectations. Be prepared from the start, it’s the best guarantee for a productive cooperation.

2. Determine the skill set you require

Next step: determining which specific skills are required to fully support your business objectives. Think closely about what level of experience is required, which technical knowledge is important, and which personal traits will make the difference. Essensys will of course assist you during that process.

3. Communicate your expectations

As always, communication is everything! Make sure Essensys and your interim manager are fully aware of your expectations. Talk to them about which circumstances led to the decision of hiring an interim manager. Specify in which way you will work together with them, and which possible obstacles might pop up.

4. Follow up on the project

Once your interim manager is working his magic, Essensys will make sure he or she is supported throughout the entire project. The better we can work together towards the goals we’ve set in the beginning, the better chance we will achieve success within the expected timeframe.

5. Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate

By evaluating the results of the past project, you’ll have a better view of what’s necessary in the future. This way, the next time you’ll rely on an interim manager, it’ll be an even better experience for your company.
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