Fighting Corona 2


I refer to my email of 16/03/2020 in which I promised to keep you informed about new developments.

Brave business leaders and forward-looking scientists have shown the Belgian government the path how to fight the corona virus effectively: a lockdown

We temporarily closed the Essensys office in Brussels this afternoon. The same measures had already been taken for our offices in Paris, Antwerp and Ghent last week.

All Essensys team members remain however available to you, both by telephone and via or skype.

Also, our platform will remain active for you. In recent days we have been able to quickly answer questions from many CEOs and over-requested human resources directors.

The 3 main topics that were discussed were adjustment of the work organization, solving bottlenecks in the supply chain and how to apply the principle of force majeur in specific situations.

You can count on the entire Belgian and French Essensys team for further support in the coming weeks.

We will keep you informed.

I thank you for your confidence.

Michel Van Hemele
Managing Partner Essensys

Mobile: +32(0)475 72 40 37