Fighting Corona

Following the spread of the Coronavirus, I address myself personally to you.
Essensys is concerned with the health of our customers, employees and senior interim managers. That is why I want to inform you via this email how we at Essensys deal with the Corona virus.
We realize that the situation at each of our customers is very different at the moment. Some of you are working overtime to organize the extra production and logistics, while others are experiencing a significant drop in demand.
In the past, several of our senior interim managers have faced similar crises. They rocked the banking crisis, 9/11, the dioxin crisis, the Mexican flu, the listeria bacteria.
If you have specific questions regarding the consequences of this crisis for the organization of your company, we are happy to offer you solutions based on the expertise we have built up in similar situations. We make every effort to formulate a specific answer to your questions as soon as possible.
That is why we have organized the platform for you where you can send us your questions.
In the meantime, you can already get acquainted with 2 specific tips that we have formulated for you in attachment.
Within Essensys itself, we have been combining office work with home work for a long time, which is why we are permanently available to you today by telephone or e-mail. My colleagues and I have agreed on a rotation for our office in Brussels, so that we can receive you as a customer by appointment without any problems. We have closed our offices in Ghent, Antwerp and Paris.
We organize the interviews and presentation of our senior interim managers for new assignments via skype or
So you can count on the entire Belgian and French Essensys team.
I thank you for your confidence.

Michel Van Hemele
Managing Partner Essensys

Mobile: +32(0)475 72 40 37

PS. We will of course monitor the situation closely and I will continue to communicate with you.

Download tips: