Executive Interim Management in family businesses and SMEs: an eye for balance and future success

SMEs and family businesses: creators of economic growth and wealth

Belgium has a unique track record of successful family businesses and SMEs that, through a productive mix of hard work and common sense business strategies, thrive in a wide range of industries. These companies truly are the backbone of the economy and produce wealth for millions of Belgian citizens.

SMEs are a unique trump card for the Belgian economy. They excel in their field and often grew organically, led to succes by a group of family shareholders with a strong bond towards the company.  

The Opportunity: bringing outside expertise into the unique DNA of family businesses

When facing certain challenges or opportunities, the need for outside expertise may be inevitable. When international expansion is imminent but there is no in-house expertise to streamline the process, for example. Or when one generation is ready to hand over control of the company to another and certain organizational changes seem necessary.

But how does one bring outsider experts, such as executive interim managers, into the unique DNA of family businesses? The answer is “Essensys”. Essensys has over 25 years of experience in introducing experienced executive interim managers in family businesses and SMEs – of which 10 years as part of Ernst & Young (EY).

The right profile

Finding the right profile is an operation that requires a discrete approach, with respect for present balances – yet without jeopardizing the main objective: expanding the strategic horizon of the business, unaffected by emotionally dependant views that might clutter decision making processes that benefit the company.

Essensys always ensures a client-friendly balance between speed and time. Speed regarding the selection and introduction process, because we know that you are urgently looking for solutions and expertise. Time to find the right profile, that matches your company’s DNA but is complementary to your needs at the same time, in a distinctive yet non-intrusive way.

Vantage point

The independent perspective of an executive interim manager provides considerable benefits for the client. When confronted with changing markets, organizational challenges or internal difficulties, companies may find themselves lacking certain expertise.

An external, experienced interim manager enhances the company’s internal knowhow and stimulates creative thinking in strategic issues – thus improving the vantage point from which problems and challenges are assessed.

The right – and cost-efficient – profile

SMEs and family businesses often worry about the cost of external interim managers. Too often, the focus lies on the price tag and not on the benefits. However, hiring an executive interim manager to meet certain challenges is more cost-efficient than hiring a permanent top employee. To learn more, be sure to keep an eye on this blog. We will soon be digging deeper into the subject.

Do you have any questions on executive interim management for family businesses and SMEs? We’re happy to be of assistance. Contact our team and let’s talk!