Executive Interim Management by Essensys: what it takes to guarantee success

The winning formula

Here at Essensys, our clients’ future success is everything: it is a measure of our own, and the loyalty we have earned from our clients speaks for itself. So what does it take? Well, four key factors contribute to the winning formula, all driven by our all-in approach:

Staying ahead of the game

When our clients come to us to find the perfect interim manager for their company, we already have an extensive portfolio to choose from. Finding the right person for the job means knowing exactly what skill and expertise profiles are out there and what skills they will need to meet our clients’ expectations. Hence, we always keep our finger on the pulse, leveraging our partners, advisers and recruiters – and their networks in turn – to always be up to date with developments across a wide range of industries.

An all-encompassing set of skills and expertise

The outstanding talent within our team is also crucial to ensuring our clients’ success. From general management to human resources to marketing, we hire only the best: all Partners and Senior Advisers at Essensys have experience running companies or large business divisions, or working as part of senior management. All this is experience that we bring to the table to understand just what each of our clients’ needs from an interim manager and identify who would best match their expectations.

A meticulous selection process

Selecting the interim managers who will join our portfolio is a stringent process involving a number of stages. We work with an extensive network of advisers and recruiters to identify potential candidates, knowing exactly when and how to leverage the different tools available. After several pre-selection stages, all prospective managers are vetted by our Senior Recruiters before they are added to our portfolio. This ensures that we only work with the best talent, with suitable profiles for our clients’ needs.

An all-in approach

Our commitment to our clients extends far beyond simply finding a pool of suitable candidates. From the intake discussion to helping draft the plan of action and regularly following up with our clients, we work with them every step of the way to ensure that their interim managers successfully contribute to their company. We also require that all prospective interim managers sign a watertight legal agreement so that all expectations and requirements are crystal clear.

A tried and tested approach

Our track record shows that this approach is a recipe for success – for Essensys but especially for our clients. We take pride in the long-term relationships it has allowed us to build with many of our clients over the years.