The essential traits of every executive interim manager – and why they matter to you

Interim Managers have many talents. The essence of their approach can be summed up with 4 essential traits that will make a world of difference for your company.

Facing existential challenges, in the process of managing radical change or trying to prepare your business strategy to ever evolving markets? An interim manager can inject the knowhow your company needs to productively face the challenges at hand.

If you’re not sure how an Executive Interim Manager can help you, just remember their approach is all about the following qualities.

1. Proactivity as a trait

An interim manager always adds his/her expertise to an already existing team and company. To successfully fulfil the assignment at hand, an extensive dose of proactivity is key.

Your Interim Manager is fully equipped to tackle already identified problems, but they also won’t hesitate to improve other key aspects of your business if necessary. Through listening, analysis and strategic intervention, your interim manager will simply improve your chances of success.

2. Expertise as a crucial ingredient

Your Executive Interim Manager has thorough expertise in HR, finance, management and other relevant disciplines. The right specialization is key to finding the right solutions to the challenges your company is facing.

Selecting the right interim manager will ensure that you bring the right expertise in-house, and get what you might be missing in your current management team or at C-level.

3. Project-based for tangible results

Interim Managers always work on a project basis. Your interim manager is sure to have broad and diverse experience in the trade. What’s more, their project-based work ethic guarantees a wide range of insights and a hands-on approach to the job.

Flexibility and agility are central to every interim manager’s work.

4. Added value is what it’s all about

It’s always good to think about the ROI of an interim manager. Did you know relying on an interim manager is actually more budget friendly than hiring someone in-house? Besides, it will spare you having to go through lengthy, tiring and expensive procedures. Your manager is a great match – Essensys guarantees this by always suggesting the right profile based on a strict and intensive selection process – and will be productive from Day 1, thus creating extra value by achieving the right results in the shortest timespan.

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