Considering hiring an interim manager? We’ll help you determine exactly what you need.

Executive Interim Management: the right insights guarantee success

As you well know, finding the perfect match between a company and an interim manager is crucial in order to thrive. This means one thing: you need to determine your company’s strategic needs and expectations. It’s a process that can be time-consuming and complex, and requires experience, expertise, insights and people skills.

Then there’s the potential interim manager, with all his/her expertise, specific skillset and qualities. How exactly do you align those two worlds – the company’s business strategy and the unique traits of your potential manager?

It’s a people thing

The truth is this, if you don’t have the network, the people, the expertise and the insights, chances are you won’t be able to match up those two worlds at all. That means you would be taking a big risk, possibly investing in an interim manager via an agency which won’t bring in the results you’ve been hoping for.

At Essensys, we have a highly skilled team with great experience working in high-level positions within national and international corporations. We know exactly how it feels to be an entrepreneur – the challenges, the responsibilities, the ambitions.

Understanding you – and your position

One can’t really comprehend a business’ culture, strategy or needs without understanding the people leading the company. Not only do we bring that understanding to the table, we also have precious knowledge of business strategies, methods, market evolutions and other fiscal, social and economic influences and realities.

Your partner at Essensys is far more than an intermediary between you and your interim manager. He/she is a sparring partner, challenging you to the full, making sure you get the profile your company needs in order to thrive and rise up to the occasion.

Honesty makes all the difference

At Essensys, we provide advice, follow-up and implementation assistance. We assure you: we’ll be honest.

We won’t hesitate to offer you our straightforward professional opinion – even if that advice isn’t really what you were hoping for. Why? Because we always aim for sustainable long-term relationships with our clients. Sometimes an external partner sees different things, from another angle.

Get in touch

This fusion of qualities is what makes Essensys your preferred partner in Executive Interim Management. Have any questions about what we can do for your company? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!