5 top interim transition manager qualities – and how to put them to work

Transition management: knowhow and vigour required

Is your company facing challenges of which the outcome is uncertain? Then swift and strategic action is needed in order to secure your company’s future success. However, transition management isn’t part of your everyday business’ tactics and schemes.

There is no blueprint for the unexpected. And you are going to need an exceptional amount of specific expertise, targeted at each and every challenge that’s coming your way.

Most companies are not equipped with the required know-how and vigour to tackle this demanding task. And it’s this know-how that’s of the essence for a successful transition towards a new, stronger and brighter future.

Interim transition manager: fit for the job

An interim transition manager can be a true asset for every company that’s experiencing existential challenges.
He or she can respond, intervene react and proact on a level that outplays your in-house talents by every standard.

And he or she can do so because of 5 unique qualities.

1. Reactivity

Companies today are confronted with rapid change that’s situated on four axes: international market developments, the digital revolution, cost reduction and operational performance improvements and company agility.

Very few enterprises are equipped to react to these changes in a fast and thorough fashion. New strategies are needed. And when they are developed, a quick implementation is of the essence.

Essensys can introduce highly fit profiles in a timespan of only five days. Whereas recruitment agencies would take up to 6 months to find the right person for the job. Disastrous if you take into account that the average transition management period lasts up to half a year.

2. Flexibility

Moving swiftly when addressing challenges is a challenge on its own. Our complex and rigid social system often hinders companies to take the necessary action.

Essensys offers extremely talented and experienced interim transition managers on contract basis.

This allows us to tune our service to your specific needs whilst keeping a flexible approach regarding your assignment, both in length and intensity.

3. Operationality

Another great advantage: our interim transition manager acts.

When confronted with difficulties, companies often turn to consultants. But after they assess the problem and offer their advice, they’re out of the picture – and there you are.

Your interim transition manager doesn’t stop there. He implements the new strategy and sees to it that it’s successfully put into action.

4. Independence

Your interim transition manager has no past or future bond within your company’s organizational structure. He’s there to do the job. Period. There is no career interest. No hidden agenda.

And even more important: he/she doesn’t hesitate to tell things as he/she sees them. Problems are immediately identified and addressed. A beautiful quality. Certainly when you take into account that many difficulties are caused by not facing the reality at first hand.

5. Overqualification

Ok, this might not seem as the trait you’re looking for. But bear with us on this one.

In pressing times, both in time and intensity, you will be forced to move swiftly in all types of situations. Thus demanding a profile that’s extremely specialized and qualified.

There’s only a small window of opportunity here. And the presence of someone with an outstanding track record and a broad expertise maximizes your chances for succes.

Now, how do you find the executive interim manager who fits this profile to the full? Essensys is here to help you. Our extensive portfolio, which includes some of the most highly valued transition managers in the market today, is completely at your disposal.

Give us a call to find out more.