5 Things to Know about your Executive Interim Manager

Are you considering hiring an executive interim manager, but unsure what to expect or how to choose them? Here are 5 things you should know.

Being parachuted into new businesses is second nature to them

If you’re worried that the person you hire may not properly understand your business, rest assured: executive interim managers from Essensys’ portfolio are highly accustomed to being regularly parachuted into different companies, often in times of crisis, and are specialized in rapidly adapting and gaining an in-depth understanding of a business’s nature, culture, challenges and opportunities.

Find your match

While all executive interim managers will have the skills and expertise to rapidly understand and adapt to your business, that’s not to say that anyone can be the right fit. Interim managers all have their own specializations, be it around a type of role or a set of industries, as well as their own personality, just as with any hire. At Essensys, we make sure to rigorously consider all these different variables to ensure we find you the perfect match.

Like it or not, they’ll have a fresh perspective on your business

It’s not always easy to listen to a newcomer with a completely new perspective on the issues you have been wrestling with on your own for so long. And yet, it’s - necessary. Executive interim managers are not tied down by internal politics, which means they can speak their minds freely and put all their focus on how to best support your business. Be sure to capitalize on the precious insight that affords.

A whole new network to tap into

One thing that might not immediately spring to mind when considering hiring an executive interim manager is the extensive network that they can open up for your business. Owing to the nature of their work, interim managers bring with them a wide range of contacts that will further support you during their time at your company.

It’s cheaper than you might think

On the face of it, the cost of hiring an executive interim manager may seem a little steep. But once you crunch the number, you’ll realize that it often works out cheaper than a permanent hire: their rate is what you pay, full stop. No social security contributions, no payroll tax, no secondary benefits. What’s more, turning to an executive interim manager often means you need specific expertise for a limited period of time. A higher fee for a short period of time to avoid business disruption, overcome a major challenge, and/or take your business to the next level will afford you far greater opportunities and cost you far less than a permanent hire in the long run.