3 steps to making the difference in Executive Interim Management.
Words come easy. So let’s focus on what we do – and how we do it.

Our Way of Working. Yes, it’s different.

Nothing is as cheap as words. That’s why the English language is blessed with the beautiful proverb “Putting your money where your mouth is”. And in this blog, that’s exactly what we tend to do.

Or rather: it’s what we do every day. Clients see a lot of players in our industry, who too often focus on fast results and quick wins, rather than quality and durability.

When push comes to shove

With over 25 years of experience in the trade, we’ve perfected our own approach. We choose to focus on reliability, sustainability, thoroughness and result-driven strategy. But most of all, we choose to aim at long-term and durable partnerships with our clients.

But what do those words mean when push comes to shove? Find out in this first part of an ongoing series of articles highlighting the Essensys way of working.

1. Step number one: focus on how you profit

We would rather not deliver at all than deliver insufficiently.

We’ve been in situations that a client’s expectations were too high and the related deadline was too tight. Yes, we admit. But in that case, we didn’t just send out one of our people for the sake of being able to succeed. Because that success wouldn’t have felt as a success.

Instead, we told that client in all honesty that – following our own quality guidelines – we couldn’t deliver without impacting his success and our credibility.

Because the focus isn’t on our profit, here. It’s on yours. And delivering an Executive Interim Manager who isn’t 100% equipped to tackle the challenges you face, would only cost you money. So we don’t. Even if it means losing an assignment. In this case, it also means gaining credibility and being fully reliable towards all our clients.

2. Step number 2: no partnership without comfort

What do you expect from an Executive Interim Management specialist when he hears your story and gets to know the challenges your company faces? It’s actually quite simple. That he steps up and tells you: “Don’t worry. We’ve got this.”

At Essensys, we put great effort into the comfort feeling of our clients. Every partnership is based on trust. The certainty that our people will never promise anything they can’t deliver on. And absolute confidence in the fact that the things that we are committed to, are executed to the full. Without any compromise.

This is why we’re proud to see that many of our first time clients turn into regular partners. Why? Because they feel comfortable knowing that “we’ve got this”.

3. Step number 3: knowing the perils of leading a business

Managers, business owners and CEO’s have great responsibility to their company and all people in it. It’s a unique position, with its own unique opportunities and challenges. Being confronted with business situations with an uncertain outcome weighs on a person. Not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.

The partners at Essensys have stood in their shoes. We’re not merely outside consultants. We know the business world inside and out from first hand. So our people can truly relate to the worries, expectations and hopes of our clients.

That doesn’t only form a bond. It gives us an insight and the opportunity to offer solutions that are truly made to measure. We can sense what’s needed in certain situations. And act accordingly. So that our clients can be assured that the Executive Interim Management options that we put on the table, are rock solid.

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