The 3 crucial skills of any good interim manager

When thinking about bringing on an executive interim manager, the stakes are high. Naturally, you will have questions about any prospective interim manager’s fitness for the job: do they have enough insight into the industry? What kind of profile do they have? Will they be able to successfully cooperate with your company? And of course the answers to those questions will depend not only on the standing of each candidate, but also on the needs of your business.

Our entire recruitment process is fully tailored to your needs and expectations, and your Essensys contact will keep in touch throughout to ensure thorough follow-up. Still, there are some core skills that you may expect with any executive interim manager we put forward, no matters what your specific circumstances involve.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt

For quality executive interim managers, every assignment is a new adventure. Each company is unique in so many ways, and to them this is part of the fun/challenge. Flexibility and adaptability are in interim managers’ DNA, and that’s vital to your success. It will allow them to swiftly read the culture of your company, understand its processes and work with what you have, unburdened by rigid one-size fits all dogma.

A thirst for improvement and change management skills

If an executive interim manager isn’t looking to tangibly improve your business’s processes and performance, then odds are they’re not actually an executive interim manager. Enabling improvement and implementing change are key to most interim manager assignments, and lie at the heart of their core skills.

Any executive interim manager worth their salt will inevitably contribute to your long-term success with their boundless desire not only to improve your business processes and culture, but also to add to their own skillset and experience by fully immersing themselves in your business and its particular challenges and opportunities.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking comes with the territory for any manager. Executive interim managers, however, take this to another level: the raison d’être of their work means that they must be able to analyse and implement strategies in often exceptional and especially challenging settings. They are well equipped to see through the fog of crises affecting businesses and draw up clear and impactful roadmaps, across a wide range of industries and circumstances. Their strategizing goes beyond just solving a crisis or growing your business: it also focuses on how to maximize their own impact, and foster long-term operational excellence within your company.

Ultimately, every profile is unique, and will be more or less suited to different assignments. These three skills, however – flexibility and adaptability, a yearning to achieve improvement and always grow their own skills, and exceptional strategic capabilities – are common denominators you will find in all Essensys executive interim managers.